Happy RVers start trip, then disaster!

This video is unusual. It begins with a happy group of people getting into their motorhome, and then continues as they roll down the highway. Suddenly, they are standing at the front of the RV as smoke emerges from the engine. As they wonder what to do, the smoke increases and finally flames appear. Although the flames did not totally engulf the rig, our guess is that it wasn’t going anywhere again.

This time it’s a 5th wheel going up in flames

Most of the videos we show you here are of burning motorhomes. This time it’s a fifth wheel trailer. This one met its demise in the parking lot of the Cabella’s store in Mitchell, South Dakota. In the end, the RV is a total loss. But it appears that the truck towing it survived, so a bit of good news at least.

Nothing left at the end

In this video slide show, you’ll see a class A motorhome as it begins to burn and finally as a skeleton. Like most other RV fires, this one spread fast. If you don’t catch an RV fire within a minute of it starting, chances are the rig is a goner. So, again, this is a reminder of having a good fire extinguisher. . . better yet two or three.