Will the dinghy be saved?

Repeated explosions make this fire a danger to anyone close by. Maybe that’s why nobody bothers to unhook the dinghy behind as the fire in the motorhome spreads. Luckily, the fire department arrives just in time to save the towed car.

How fast these things burn!

The driver of this motorhome writes in the description that the fire in this diesel motorhome started just five minutes before he turned on the camera. By that time it was already well beyond saving. The small fire truck with its single hose hardly makes a difference as this RV burns up.

Owners watch motorhome burn to ground

It’s always very sad to see a motorhome burn, but if it’s your RV is much harder. At one point in this video, you can hear what appears to be a woman who owned the RV. The Class C was a total loss before help arrived, which is usually the case.

Close call for fire fighter

All appears under control as fire fighters extinguish this motorhome fire in San Diego. But then, something explodes sending a wall of flame at the fireman. Luckily, he gets away just in time. The RV, sad to say, was a total loss.

Lucky the house didn’t burn, too

This class C motorhome was parked in the driveway, just a few feet from the garage of a home. It appears part of the garage was damaged but not the house itself. A car parked next to the RV also went up in flames. The fire was thought to have been started by an appliance in the RV.