Going, going, gone at West Biloxi RV park

This doesn’t look like much when the video begins. Smoke pours from the front window of a Fleetwood motorhome at its space in the RV park. The fire department is there, but before they can get going the smoke thickens and then flames begin to rise through the roof. Watch for the huge (scary) blast about midway in the video. The motorhome doesn’t look too bad after the flames subside, but our guess it’s headed for the RV boneyard.

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One Thought to “Going, going, gone at West Biloxi RV park”

  1. Sharon B

    I think the firemen were standing too close to the RV. I was worried about a flare up and indeed it did happen. I was just also waiting for the gas tank to go. Luckily it did not.

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