One good reason not to travel with your propane on

From beneath his coach, certified RV technician and journalist Chris Dougherty shows you how a blown tire could ignite an RV’s propane if the propane tank is still turned on. How can you avoid this happening? Chris has the simple answer.

Chris was the technical editor of when this video was made. He has since become the technical editor for Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines.

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One Thought to “One good reason not to travel with your propane on”

  1. Pius Horning

    as a retired fire fighter I get a lot of ridicule from other Rv’ers when I tell them not to travel with propane on. I always hear I’ve done it for years and never had a problem. I say “yet”. I belong to the RV forum on trailer life and You can not believe the rv’ers who travel with it on and have their fridges going when they refuel. please wait until I’ve gassed up and back on the road before you start your pump, thank you

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