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RV Fires Happen: Be Careful

By Chuck Woodbury RVtravel.com Every week, in our RVtravel.com Saturday newsletter, we post an RV Fire Safety Tip. The fact is, RV fires happen and too often. And when an RV catches fire, it burns fast. RV fire expert Mac McCoy (Mac the Fire Guy) advises that if you can’t extinguish a fire in 20 seconds, then concentrate on getting… Read More
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Teenage girls offer ‘play by play’ commentary at speedway fire

A huge black cloud rises above Michigan International Raceway as a couple of wide-eyed teenage girls watch and describe their horror about the burning motorhome nearby. One of the girls receives a phone call about half way through the video, but bear with the boring conversation, as the “play by play” conversation afterwards by the young girls continues. Read More
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